general-information1Step2Hope is a relatively new Christian non-profit organization founded in 2010.  We also received our official tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the same year.

1Step2Hope exists to share the Gospel and hope of Jesus Christ by meeting the needs of those in and around our community through one-time random acts of kindness. It is because of God’s love that we desire to help people in their hour of need.

The idea for 1 Step 2 Hope was conceived in 2009 when our co-founder and President, Lisa Knop, began to see a variety of people with needs that didn’t necessarily fall into the categories that are traditionally met by agencies seeking to help low-income families. Some of these people were going through a difficult period in their lives and needed a one time boost to get them through. Lisa shared her idea with her friend Ashelyn and they began working on the framework that would become 1 Step 2 Hope.

After several meetings, Lisa and Ashelyn had agreed upon the name, 1 Step 2 Hope, and a mission statement: Leading others to the hope found in Christ by sharing God’s love one random act of kindness at a time. At that point we knew we needed to incorporate, but did not have the expertise to do so. As we looked for the right person to help us and more time elapsed, we began to think that it had all been a great idea but it was going to stall out.

Just as we were beginning to lose hope, we were presented with an opportunity to help a young man who worked in the after school program at the school where Ashelyn served as a Kindergarten teacher. This young man had serious dental issues that he could not afford, nor could he afford any time off from work. Lisa and Ashelyn worked with acquaintances in the dental field to make sure that this young man received the care that he needed. The dental professionals donated their time and Lisa and Ashelyn paid all required expenses, as well as provided the young man with a grocery gift card to compensate him for his lost wages. As a result of that one random act of kindness, a young man had his urgent need met and found hope because someone cared; his mother found hope and started attending a local church; two dental offices began exploring how they could regularly assist more people who needed but could not afford dental care; and Lisa and Ashelyn found the hope they needed and were more committed to move forward with 1 Step 2 Hope.