The Board of 1 Step 2 Hope has established the following criteria for assisting individuals with needs:

1. 1 Step 2 Hope will partner with a pastoral gatekeeper to work with other local churches to identify individuals who have an immediate need that can be met through a one time gift.

2. We will actively reach out to other organizations such as hospitals and schools to forge a similar partnership as with the pastoral gatekeeper in order to identify individuals in need of one time assistance.

3. 1 Step 2 Hope does not have plans to provide a means for individuals to directly apply for assistance.

4. 1 Step 2 Hope will not provide cash directly to individuals. As with the offer of assistance in which we provided dental care to a college student without a family support system, we will pay the provider of the service directly.

5. No individual who receives assistance from 1 Step 2 Hope will be related to any board or general members of 1 Step 2 Hope. To confirm there is no relation, the need for assistance must be approved by more than one board member.

6. The governing documents of 1 Step 2 Hope will include the selection criteria above.